Chai Wallah - an Indian Spiced Tea trader. 'Chai Wallahs' - a group of passionate & dedicated individuals who've travelled the festival circuit for 20 years bringing all good things together. These are our aims.  

To be the host with the most to provide beverages served with a smile. To deliver a programme of diverse music through the finest quality soundsystem available. to generate new experiences, a feeling of community an legendary party vibes. 

To support the unsupported, to provide a platform for non-commercial music & musicians. To introduce audiences to the many wonderful sounds from around the world and the underground.

Put smiles on people's faces, warmth in people's hearts. To encourage healing, creativity and compassion. To bring together a community of open minded caring individuals who become the solution to the world's problems. 

2019 will be the 20th year of Chai Wallahs as a touring festival venue. In that time we have grown exponentially, taking in Festivals around the UK and Europe. See more details of the festivals we have worked on at the festival directory page using the link below.