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Est. 2012

Tonic Music for Mental Health is a charity based on the south coast of England. They promote good mental health through music with a proud history and have helped many isolated and vulnerable people in the community.

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Tonic was founded in 2012 as a direct response to the lack of creative support for people experiencing mental health difficulties. It was founded upon the belief that participation in music and the arts can aid you in your recovery from mental illness.


From their early beginnings they have been promoting mental health awareness, and they now champion mental health action, by providing opportunities for people to participate in various workshops and groups directly supporting them on their journeys of recovery. Tonic runs a number of initiatives under two banners, Tonic Rider and Never Mind The Stigma.


Many people working in the music industry experience mental health issues.


They can be brought on by the highs and the lows, the touring, the late nights, and the lifestyle. The industry can be volatile and competitive, with no financial security. This leaves music industry professionals vulnerable to developing mental health issues.


Tonic Rider addresses this by providing music industryspecific mental health support through a number of courses, workshops and groups.


Training Courses

Mental Health First Aid

Suicide First Aid Lite

Mental Health

Awareness in the Music Industry

One-to-One Sessions

Counselling Sessions

Support Sessions

Support Groups

Peer Support Group

Drop-In Group


Taught Workshops

Music Performance

Anxiety Emotional Resilience

ACT Skills

Substance Use Awareness

Introduction to Mental Health

Wellbeing Series

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The Never Mind The Stigma programme will provide a programme of support to reduce suicide risk, provide mental health education and training around suicide as a preventive initiative.

Its aim is to train members of the community to safely intervene with a suicide crisis, support those experiencing suicidal ideation and those that have been beavered or emotionally injured by suicide, which increases vulnerability to thinking about suicide themselves.


The programme is aimed towards males who are statistically more at risk of thinking about suicide, carrying out suicide behaviour, and are over three times likely to die by suicide than women.


The programme will provide weekly peer 2 peer support groups, Therapeutic Peer, Emotional and Skills Support, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Suicide First Aid (SFA) Accredited Training Courses, day-long mental health and wellbeing workshops.


Participants will have the opportunity to create social connections, build support networks and develop friendships within the community. Isolation and loneliness is detrimental to mental health and can increase suicide risk, through our project we can we help create stronger support links within the community and help individuals to develop a sense of community belonging.

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