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Culture Media and Sport Select Committee’s Report

It feels like things might be moving in the right direction - Big ups the MVT for banging on the door and fighting for a brighter future for the grassroots ecosystem;

Fingers crossed the government keep to their word - pigs might fly! But at least we have hope - now is the time people, the time to Rise Up and fight for our industry - Roots don’t grow unless you feed them…..

Music Venue Trust warmly welcomes the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee’s Report into the challenges facing Grassroots Music Venues. We want to thank the Committee MPs and the CMS team for their excellent work in understanding and considering these challenges, and the clear recommendations they have created to address them.

Key recommendations from the Report:

  1. That the industry introduces a voluntary levy on arena and stadium tickets no later than September 2024, to support Grassroots Music Venues, artists and promoters.

  2. If a voluntary levy is unable to be agreed by September, or if the levy is not collecting the income required to support the grassroots sector, the government should introduce a mandatory levy at the earliest opportunity.

  3. A VAT break for smaller venues on tickets.

  4. A fan led review.


These recommendations provide a clear pathway forward to a positive future for the UK’s Grassroots Music Venues, a set of actions that are deliverable, affordable, and will genuinely have a positive impact on live music in communities right across the country. We look forward to working with the music industry and with the government to deliver on these recommendations as swiftly as possible.

We would like to thank all the thousands of music fans that have supported our work across the last ten years. It has taken much longer than any of us would have liked to get the positive change we all wanted to see, but we could not have achieved this fantastic outcome without your continued support for your local live music venue.

People who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of the people doing it!

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