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We’re all too aware of the problems faced by the independent industry, the same issues we’ve faced for years but somehow amplified in the current climate.


The global elite's vision for our future is not one we share.


The opportunities and solutions are beginning to present themselves. Now, more than ever, it feels like there is genuine hope that we can be the change we wish to see, a chance to bring people together and create revolution, to build a new foundation, to nurture the roots, and grow.


We have devised a collection of initiatives and ideas based around bringing people of like mind together. To encourage activity, participation, engagement and the taking of responsibility for our futures and those of our children. To know that even if we fail, we will have been culturally enriched, and have stood up for our truth.

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Grassroots Supporters Community Fund

A tiered membership, donation, and practical skills based Patreon fund.Each tier results in different levels of benefits depending on financial contribution, or skills & timeshared. Got no money? No problem, join the street team, social network, or offer up your time to helpmake events happen. Spread the word, be rewarded for supporting, engaging, and participating.Benefits to include Free parties, artist merch deals, discounted gig tickets, backstage access, and theamazing feeling of knowing that you’re contributing towards shaping a brighter, more culturally fulfillingfuture.In turn, this fund will enable us to support the following initiatives and campaigns.

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