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Why Chai Wallahs and the Grassroots Music Scene needs YOU….. 

Join the Grass Roots Movement - A new initiative from Chai Wallahs


At the risk of harping on about a subject we’d all rather forget; When Covid rocked up and ruined it for everyone, The Grass Roots Music Scene, got dumped very close to the bottom of the pile.  Not only did creative endeavour become stretched so thin that seasoned professionals and long-term contributors decide to stop, but the state of the planets mental health became compromised as people were no longer allowed to engage with live, physical art forms such as music and dance, by means of a release. We’re all well aware of the effect that this had not only on the creative community, but Human beings as a whole.  


Now, years later, the Grass Roots Scene is still heaving itself up from the floor, bloodied and bruised, amidst severe economic crisis, trying to place itself back somewhere close to its former glory. This ‘Scene’ of which I speak is so unbelievably necessary for so many complicated and nuanced reasons, that we at Chai Wallahs and Diplomats of Sound feel it necessary to embark on our biggest project to date. To inspire the people, widen our community and ensure that each and every person who supports has an active role in ensuring that independent musicians, bands, venues, promoters, labels, bookers, and managers can not only survive, but thrive.  


We are currently in the process of putting together our most ambitious initiative in support of Grass Roots, Independent, and Emerging music since the forming of our live stage in 2007. Why? Because we have to! We need to expand on what we started, support more bands/artists, provide more live performance opportunities, and help to ensure the survival of some of our most beloved independent venues and bands. 


All you need to do is sign up for our mailing list. And wait. 


We absolutely promise there will be no spam, no abuse of your inbox, it’s just an opportunity for us to explain ourselves properly, and for you to be a part of something incredible……


If the music’s being made, but there’s no-one there to hear it, does it even make a sound……?



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