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Digital Dub Duo smashes UK festival Circuit - Omega Nebula Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

If I had to describe it in a sentence I’d say: “The most powerful elements of Dub, Jungle, and Dubstep, rolled into uplifting, relatable, emotionally weighted songs, featuring Behemothic Basslines, Slammin’ Digital Dub Production, and an infectious, smiling, sun shiny disposition, that will leave ravers raving, bass heads bopping, and those looking for something a little larger, totally satisfied.” Leave it all on the dance floor people, get to an OMEGA NEBULA Show.

If you want a bit more detail, then check it……


Electronic Duo OMEGA NEBULA are a force.

Their huge sound is heart shaking, their message powerful, and their energy invigorating.

Drawing from electronic dub indicative of the 1980’s, jungle stemming from 1990’s rave culture, and the deep dubstep movement that changed dance music forever in the early 2000’s, OMEGA NEBULA’s music is a testament to their history of attending dub clubs, carnivals and the underground clubs of Bristol, UK. Their influences are undeniable yet woven through every track is a distinct sound all of their own making.

An evolution has taken place since the heady days of performing as UK festival favourites Backbeat Sound system. Officially it’s still Reggae, but since the inception of OMEGA NEBULA, this progressive pair have bolstered their technological toolbox and moved to a more production-based era, aligned fully with the electronic dance music scene. This, combined with their prolific prowess as quality songwriters, and extensive performance experience, makes for a heaving live show, steeped in nostalgic yet nuanced production techniques. Producer-vocalist Adjua’s flawless destruction of the fourth wall leaves audience engagement somewhere akin to a rally cry for ravers to rise up and take control, all the while retaining an intimate, personal touch.

OMEGA NEBULA have seamlessly fused the sonic worlds of pop and dance music, and as a result created a sound with global mass appeal. These tunes might be heavy, but the message is universal, the musicianship accomplished, and their live show so dynamic, that uplift is guaranteed to even the most miserable of muso’s! Throw in Adjua’s incredible ability to transcend euphoric hooks, with dexterously delivered bars, encompassing messages of Unity, Love, Peace and Progression, and this husband-and-wife duo absolutely cannot fail to win the hearts and minds of the new dub generation.

Their first year on the road has seen giant steps taken. As at home on large festival stages as they are on the bill of a late-night club venue, OMEGA NEBULA are adaptable, versatile and uncompromisingly immense. Their music feels fresh, exciting, and current…. but perhaps the most exciting thing about all of this, is that this project is in its infancy. This is just the beginning, and if that’s the case, then the future of OMEGA NEBULA, and Dub culture as a whole, looks to be a great one.

Ps. Dean’s really good as well.

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1 Comment

Great band, love these two, hard working, brilliant musicians.....dubwise naughties xx

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