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When it comes to supporting the Grass Roots Music scene, providing consistent platforms for Independent artists, and the perfect performance environment; there really is only one festival venue capable of delivering.


Through years of careful curation, the preservation of relationships between stage, artist, and industry, and the steadfast, unquenchable desire to provide the festival audience with the finest acts that the Grass Roots scene has to offer; Chai Wallahs has become the UK’s Unrivalled, Critically Acclaimed, Independent, Festival venue. The alternative to the mainstream.


Throw truly unique, limitlessly characterful, ethically sound, bar and catering capabilities into the mix, and you have an all-encompassing space, adept in fulfilling all your festival desires.


Originally founded in 1999 by Richard Howard, Chai Wallahs began its life as a Chai stall, selling incense, tea, and housing drumming workshops. In 2004, Si Blatchly’s  ‘Creative Nature,’ and Chai Wallahs joined forces, expanded their offerings to herbal shots, juices, smoothies, under the counter brandy’s, and DJ’s……the landscape began to shift.  

2007 saw the introduction of a live stage and since then the venue has grown exponentially and housed performances from over 3000 bands and artists to in excess of 2 million spectators. This is all the while establishing a reputation for its diverse roster of the finest emerging and established artists, an incredible sound system and its legendary party vibes.
In the Early days it was Jamie Woon, Polar Bear, and Portico Quartet. They were usurped by Gentleman’s Dub Club, Dizraeli and the Small Gods. Their journeys have continued, as does ours…..This years headliners feature KOG, TC & the Groove Family and Afro Cluster.


To be the Host with the Most. To Furnish the finest in beauteous brews. To fastidiously fuse and conjure an eclectic, diverse and fiercely independent line up of outstanding acts from the grass Roots scene and declare their delectability through the most magnificent Sound System on the festival circuit.


To support the un-supported. To provide a platform for non-commercial music and musicians. To offer an alternative to the noise in the newsfeeds and create a tangible territory for new paths trodden, unforgettable experiences, and peerless party proceedings.


To bring warmth into the heart, and a twinkle to the eye. To advocate healing, compassion, and creativity. To Construct a community of open minded, forward thinking, caring individuals, who in turn can affect the change we seek in our challenging world.



Meters of soft, undulating, freeform canvas create an intimate backdrop unlike any other festival venue. Immediately upon arrival, reality shifts, and the senses prickle with the welcoming, unmistakeable sounds and smells of CW.

Our tasteful lighting, and subtle projections create a comfortable, soothing, harmonious, and uplifting atmosphere.

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From solo performers to 50-piece orchestras, our highly skilled, personable and focused stage crew are well versed for any eventuality. A well-oiled machine, super-fast changeovers whilst maintaining calm and comfort on stage to ensure a no stress, faultless production.


The daily programming is deliberately designed with a sonic journey in mind. To incorporate a rich and eclectic range of artists and sounds with a clear emotional and spiritual arc, fastidiously curated to suit energy levels and mood. Start the day with some acoustic soul, After lunch, some new wave Jazz, at night we inject some pace, introducing Afrobeat Orchestras, Hip Hop Collectives, and World Fusion Ensembles.


Our sound system benefits from the latest technology with minimal processing so the music can breath - tight and punchy with crystal clear definition. TW AUDiO loudspeakers are paired with Dynacord amplifiers and controlled with tour grade digital Allen & Heath dLive mixers. Together they deliver class leading sonic results with mind bending power efficiency.

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Our uniquely characterful, ethically sourced, specialist bar setup offers a range of bespoke, freshly made cocktails, hot, alcoholic brews, and delectable drinks. Seasonal, sustainable recipes to encourage choice, create experiences, support small business enterprise, and offer an alternative to the mainstream.


Who without there would be no party!! We are forever grateful for the bands and artists that grace our stage, share their wares, and hopefully build a longterm, loyal fanbase to connect with again and again. From brand new acts on their first tours, to seasoned pros who have constantly absconded from corporate temptation to remain independent, we are fiercely proud of the relationships built over the years.


Absolute family. A tight knit cluster of utter warriors, who without, Chai Wallahs would cease. Riggers, Bar Staff, Logistics, Staffing and Stock, they all take care of all of it. Multi skilled, personable, compassionate, dependable, each member intrinsically linked to the next, all completely vital, and down right lushns the lot of ‘em.

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We offer bespoke production packages to suit your event specific needs and parameters. A range of bar, catering, and curated stage programmes in various sized freeform tents.

Sustainability as a result of forging long term relationships with event organisers remains at the heart of Chai Wallahs practice. This allows us to keep our crew in employment, and to provide consistent performance platforms for the Artists we work with. 

We are open to all suggestions and opportunities so if you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us please don't hesitate to Get in Touch.  


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We recognise that the problems faced globally are many and extremely complexed. However, there are two causes that we feel are basic human rights, and necessary to support. Access to clean drinking water, and the mental health and wellbeing of our community. 

Drop 4 Drop and Tonic Rider are at the forefront of providing effective solutions, and show complete accountability, which is why Chai Wallahs supports their initiatives.

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