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We’re all too aware of the problems faced by the independent industry, the same issues we’ve faced for years but somehow amplified in the current climate.


The global elite's vision for our future is not one we share.


The opportunities and solutions are beginning to present themselves. Now, more than ever, it feels like there is genuine hope that we can be the change we wish to see, a chance to bring people together and create revolution, to build a new foundation, to nurture the roots, and grow.


We have devised a collection of initiatives and ideas based around bringing people of like mind together. To encourage activity, participation, engagement and the taking of responsibility for our futures and those of our children. To know that even if we fail, we will have been culturally enriched, and have stood up for our truth.

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This fund will enable us to support a number of grassroots orientated projects, initiatives and campaigns - Such as subsidised grassroots gigs, artist development programs, ticket Banks to make sure everyone has access to live music, and the resources to campaign and lobby festival organisers and both local and national governments to help shape a fairer landscape for independent musicians.

Benefits to members include : Free parties, Chai Wallah's Merch deals & giveaways, discounted festival tickets, VIP festival passes, exclusive DJ mixes, cocktail recipies and so much more! Not to mention the amazing feeling of knowing that you’re contributing towards shaping a brighter, more culturally fulfilling future for Grassroots music.


Subsidised gigs funded by member donations, allowing us to program free and low-cost events, showcasing Grassroots artists, on professional platforms, with experienced crew, to new and wider audiences, whilst supporting independent venues who are busy as a result.


These shows will be built into our Grassroots Supporters Development Program outlined below.

Grassroots Supporters Artist Development Program

As part of our ongoing support for emerging music, Chai Wallahs & Diplomats of Sound CiC have teamed up with Bristol’s best loved independent music venues, and Vookoo, an all-inclusive, Bristol based collective of young promoters, DJ’s, and musicians, with an unquenchable thirst for supporting up and coming music across the city, to present: Grassroots Supporters Artist Development Program.


An 18-month program, whereby 6 bands can annually enrol in a step-by-step process to take them from being talented grassroots performers, right through to fully independent, sustainable touring and recording artists. A succession of mentorships from within our network of seasoned professional performers and industry specialists, will guide musicians through an incremental process and develop not only their skills as performers, but their knowledge and understanding of industry requirements to remain independent and retain complete autonomy over their work.

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Ticket bank

As part of our quest to keep independent venues open and busy, bands playing to larger audiences, andlive music accessible to all, we will engage with multiple ticketing platforms to devise a ‘Ticket Bank’initiative where-by an allocation is always available at lower cost to those working for the NHS, students,those in receipt of benefits, and those on low/no income.


Alongside this, if many tickets remain unsoldon the day of the event, they will be available on a pay-what-you-can donation basis to the ticket bankcommunity. This will encourage more people to flood the venues, discover new music, support theartists and the grassroots scene.

Drop a Headliner

Just one main stage headline act getting paid £150K, could produce 2 complete weekends of Chai Wallahs. This includes the entire production and programming budgets, 35 acts, 180 performers, 35 crew, and gives the opportunities to musicians that need them, consistent work for freelancers in creative industries, ensures that musicians leave with a fee in line with MU rates, encourages listeners to experience the new, and provides a sustainable platform for repeat events. Surely, it’s a no-brainer!!?


2024 sees much loved independent festival SGP head back to its roots, and we’re going with them. Headliners gone in favour of supporting emerging talent sees two UK festival stalwarts again very much aligned.


Back to the glory days, back to the excitement of new discoveries, secret doors to unknown realms, where the only line-up is the one you stumble across, where rumours from the underground are believed, retold, and followed up. Where no plans are made, where we head out on the wind, create unforgettable memories with total strangers, in the totally euphoric, grown-up playground that is SGP. Where emerging creatives are given a chance to express themselves fully in the manifestation of never seen before, bespoke festival content, eclecticism reigns free, love rules supreme, and freedom is paramount.


Back to the times before the greed, before the corporates got a sniff, before every local council and authority implemented their shitty rules, financially squeezing the festival goers and party starters in the name of making a quick buck. Before the festival tax.


SGP, DoS and Chai Wallahs 2024 – We're taking it back and making sure that the heart and essence of festival culture, true festival culture, is restored.

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