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Why Chai Wallahs and the Grassroots Music Scene needs YOU….. 

The Grassroots music scene. Still bearing the scars of the pandemic. 2022 saw a record in live music attendance, reflective of stadium gigs and sell out touring artists. In stark contrast, The Music Venues Trust announced in September that 67 independent venues had closed up to that point, with a further 90 working with the organisation’s Emergency Response. It is expected that roughly half of those are also likely to close before the end of the year, meaning that a total of 10 per cent of the country’s grassroots venues will have folded in 2023 alone. 

The knock-on effect of this is clear…. less platforms for emerging artists to perform, and less venues for music fans to catch up and coming bands at an affordable ticket price, thus stifling their opportunity to create a sustainable income. This squeeze has been felt by bands, bookers, promoters and venues across the board and needs addressing now.  


Support is needed now more than ever. This is not about charity. This is about buying gig tickets, getting out to see bands, buying merch direct from artists. This is about unifying our community and making sure that we are present and directly involved in providing sustainable platforms for emerging artists, and independent venues, bookers, and promoters to continue.   


Join us here - Chai Wallahs are currently building a networking app away from the Metaverse, where bands and artists can communicate and collaborate with one another and you, the loyal fanbase. We aim to provide an online community hub, shop, advertising platform and cross-pollinated network where you can be directly involved in helping the independent scene thrive. Shout about it. Share it, like it, tell everyone that you love about it, then bring them here, and then, and only then, can we really see what’s possible.  


Not only that but check out the list of Music Lovers perks available to you for your involvement. 

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